How does it work?

In addition to saving you time, money, and stress, allowing you to order your dream car of very good quality from your home with complete transparency, peace of mind, and safety, and to be delivered within the contractual deadline.

Do you want to understand how the purchase of your vehicle works with us?

Purchase method No. 1: Custom Order

By opting for the custom order purchase of your car, you choose to entrust us entirely with all the steps of acquiring your new car from ordering to home delivery.

You will be provided with a purchase quote that you will need to sign. After signing the quote, we require a deposit because we cannot transport and deliver a car to you without any commitment to purchase from you. The deposit must be paid by irrevocable bank transfer or by credit card (or any other suitable payment method) to have a traceability of the transaction.

To this end, to order and have the car delivered to your home, we offer you the following three options:

  • Payment in cash (in one installment): Deposit to be paid is 100%, which entitles you to a 10% discount on the total price.
  • Payment in two installments: Minimum deposit to be paid is 30%, with the remaining balance payable upon delivery.
  • Payment in installments (with financing): To benefit from this payment method, after studying and agreeing on the client’s eligibility, the client must be able to make a minimum initial payment of 40%. The remaining balance will be spread over a maximum of 60 monthly installments.

Important: Payment in installments is only valid for vehicles valued at or above 10000 CAD.

Single payment is mandatory for cars priced at or below 5000 CAD and vehicles available on promotion.

Purchase method No. 2: On-site Purchase

Notwithstanding all the guarantees outlined on our website aimed at securing the remote purchase of your car (from ordering to delivery, including the quality of the car), please note that you also have the option to test drive and purchase directly at our headquarters in Oshawa, provided you are familiar with the administrative procedures to be carried out from Oshawa to your address and, more importantly, to schedule a confirmed appointment according to our sales conditions.

For this purchase method, which is STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT, a mandatory minimum deposit of 1000 CAD is required when signing the reservation form to confirm the in-store purchase of the vehicle. This payment also constitutes a visitation right guarantee and will be deducted from the total amount when purchasing the vehicle, or will be fully refunded to the customer in case of withdrawal. It must be made at least 72 hours before the appointment date by irrevocable bank transfer to our bank account.

If you wish to import a vehicle from CANADA without having to worry about administrative procedures and documents, we strongly recommend that you go through an auto importer or automobile agent like us. We take care of all that for you while avoiding excessive fees.

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